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Kim Sager began her career
                selling lemonade in New York City.
                After graduating from FIT, she started her own company,
                licensing her designs for children of all ages.
                This eventually led to a fabulously  glamorous career
                working at The Walt Disney Company where she became a Design
                Director for the Winnie the Pooh franchise.
                Eventually, Kim returned to  New York to continue her career
                working for Sesame Workshop as well as other leading entertainment
                companies where she became the product development guru she is today.
                Kim's love of products and experience working with a broad base of licensees
                for both domestic and international markets has enabled her to create
                relevant products that are on brand  yet incorporate current market  trends.
                Kim is also the Author/Illustrator of a series of books for children
                called  The Zodiac Baby, Your Newborn’s guide to the Zodiac.